The Square Root of Health: A Biology of Care Course

May Topic: PATIENT PREDICAMENTS. final Patient: Panic Attacks...Each week a New Daily Clinical Insights with a general application.

TRUE/FALSE? Doctors tend to regard their patients as rational decision-makers...True, weighing health decisions by deliberating pros & cons.

2ND OPINION: Marketers know consumers have two brains: a slow and rational New Brain...and an immediate, reflexive Old Brain.

FANCY THAT! So health-undermining product pitches are made to that quick and impulsive...selfish and emotional...decision-making Old Brain.

PATIENT OF MINE: an anthropologist says It’s a million year legacy...predating even our hunter/gatherer assuring selfish survival


Each week, a new case study...each day useful clinical insights into the biology of care.

Most of todays patients' behaviors are insight at a suggestion at a time...and one new habit at a time. Be patient.

Test your health science knowledge in Match Play, a tennis-themed game on topics covered in our Twitter dialogues.

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