The Square Root of Health: A Biology of Care Course

April Topic: METABOLIC SYNDROME. 4th Patient: A Birthday Defibrillator...Every week: a New Patient and Every day: Insights for your clinical skills set...Every month: a new broad medical Topic.   

TRUE/FALSE? Marketers are indifferent to the moods of exercisers...False, they study them constantly...strategizing profitable ways to use them

2ND OPINION: One marketing study found those who walked for the ‘exercise’...ate more after a workout than those walking for the ‘scenery’.

FANCY THAT! More fun in a walk reduces eating afterwards, so: earbuds music, a scenic park, a companion or cell calls to traveling friends.

PATIENT OF MINE: a dietitian calls it the day’s 4th meal: for so many patients...all our snacking totals 400 to 600 calories...the 4th meal!



Each week, a new case study...each day useful clinical insights into the biology of care.

In daily Twitter posts we discuss a clinical story, personal habits of food and fitness, and their eventual health impacts.

Test your health science knowledge in Match Play, a tennis-themed game on topics covered in our Twitter dialogues.

Conduct an easy click-through review of last month's topic.

Get all Square Root of Health knowledge in this easy-reading e-book. Physician and author Lawrence Power, M.D. makes it fun to learn about health.