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July Topic: DIABETIC COMPLICATIONS...a late effect of the glycation process...1st Cautionary Tale: Mortgage @ HealthYourself101,com  Plus daily clinical insights, as below....

TRUE/FALSE? A diabetic diet would be a good diet for anyone...True, it controls carbohydrates...while otherwise quite nutritionally balanced

2ND OPINION: At heart it’s a balanced intake of proteins, carbs and fats...from whole foods (grains, fruits & veggies) for their vits & mins.

FANCY THAT! It prudently limits cholesterol and saturated fats...given the increased risk of artery disease in all diabetic patients.

PATIENT OF MINE: learned he had diabetes during admission for management of a heart attack...began to call his hospital stay ‘a two-fer.’


Cautionary Tales

Each week, a new cautionary patient tale...and each day...useful clinical insights into the best possible care.

Most of todays' behaviors regarding food and fitness can be insight at a time...a suggestion at a time...and one new habit at a time. Be patient with your model of Mother Nature.

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